I was born in New York City – Brooklyn to be exact – and grew up in the New York area.  I come from a family of competitive talkers and storytellers and I’ve always had a love affair with language and words.

I’m drawn to the rhythm and music of spoken words, the way that words themselves make the stories they tell. Perhaps because I trained and briefly worked as an actress, I usually “hear” characters speak as I write.

With that as a starting point, I’ve been a writer of one sort or another since childhood and I’ve worked as a journalist,  copywriter, short story author and travel writer.

I’d long been haunted by a family story related by my grandmother near the end of her life. When she confessed it to me, I knew it had the makings of a novel and a whole world to set it in.

But it took a year of studying at the University of East Anglia with the respected author and writing mentor Malcolm Bradbury – that and a trip to the magical island of Rathlin off the coast of Northern Ireland –  to finally free the story and turn it into fiction. My debut novel, Tunnel of Mirrors is the result.

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