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June 2024 – In this Tunnel of Mirrors sample, Rachel, having disobeyed her father’s strict rules about crossing the Williamsburg Bridge, sees the ocean for the very first time and begins to understand who she really is.

The Alternative Show, Purbeck Coast Radio:

Radio interview with host Sarah Tucker

recording and interview

October 2023  –  Just a few weeks ago, I was interviewed by bestselling novelist, broadcaster and travel writer Sarah Tucker for her Tuesday and Saturday morning radio programme, the Alternative Show on Purbeck Coast Radio (101.2FM). This was a first for me and I have to admit it was a learning experience. Hearing my own voice this way was surprising (and not as awful as I imagined it would be). And next time, I will mention the name of my book, Tunnel of Mirrors (see what I did there?), several more times. Tunnel of Mirrors is available, by the way, in all print formats, in ebook for Kindle and Note and as an audiobook from Audible in the UK and USA.

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