Tunnel of Mirrors starts 2023 on a high

headlines from Reedsy Discovery issue 198 about Tunnel of Mirrors
Tunnel of Mirrors, Ferne Arfin’s debut novel, began 2023 with a bang. As the last year ended, Reedsy Discovery, a US book review website and blog, named it one of its best indie books of 2022.  Here’s what they said:

“Ferne Arfin’s literary fiction novel, Tunnel of Mirrors follows two outcasts, a spirited young Jewish woman and a charming Irishman, as they unexpectedly fall in love. Arfin’s poetic writing style perfectly suits this wistful tale that brims with beauty and the promise of new beginnings.”

Read the full review of Tunnel of Mirrors here

Almost at once, interest in the novel on Amazon started growing. It quickly rose in the sales ranking in its category. By the very next day, it had jumped from a rank somewhere in the thousands to #45. For the rest of January, it has flirted with the top 100 books in the category Gothic&Romantic Literary Criticism, climbing into the top 100 several times. That category, frankly, had us scratching our heads until we realised that Jane Austen and Charlotte Bronte were in the same category, as is Margaret Atwood from time to time.

Meanwhile, sales of the paperback in the USA are ticking over nicely as readers and gift-givers discover this indie

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sleeper. You can get your own copy from Amazon in the USA, UK and Canada, from Barnes & Noble and other online booksellers. Or use the ISBN numbers that you can find on the right of this blog post to order it from your local bookseller. It’s available in paperback. hardcover and digitally for Kindle and Barnes & Noble Nook. Maybe you or your family and friends love a good story but don’t have enough time to read. Not to worry. There’s exciting news coming soon. Watch this space. The picture on the left is a little clue.
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